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What’s the Diet?

Body check is something we all avoid doing, and also have no time to do. But actually, we need to go for a regular check-up, at least two times per year.

There is one way to easily recognize if your liver is shouting for your help or not.

You can actually recognize whether you are having symptoms of liver disease or not.

Liver disease patient actually need to be extra careful, it is because once your liver is starting not to function as the normal, which means you are losing a “defender” in your body to help you cut off all the toxicity out from your body.

So, you need to be extra careful on your health after knowing your liver is not functioning as usual.

It doesn’t matter if you are a liver patient or not, still, you can consider changing your daily meal to a better, healthier plan.

You can choose to start changing from your actual meal first, or consider of chinese herbal medicine shop in kl.

You can consider of cutting down salt intake per day. Everything we eat, I mean the actual meal, contains a 吉隆坡中药店 lot of salt, especially the dishes we bought from the hawker store.

If you are a liver disease patient, then you need to look for foods that are high in vitamins, not all but vitamin A, D and E specially, as they contain high iron and protein to satisfy the needs of your liver.

Some people might say that beans are good for health, generally, yes, but not those after cooking or adding salt.

Last but not least, liver patient is not recommending to eat sodium food that much, such as meat, egg, processed food and any type of nut.

To sum up, take good care of your own health, it is your body, not anyone else.

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