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How to Win Your Audience’s Heart – More Videos, please!

Running through this fast pace world of digital world, where every little thing is on your fingertips, not many would stop by just to enjoy the beautiful sight in front of them. It’s a good thing that people still have the time to breathe in this suffocating place where everyone is chasing after their dreams. Therefore, to all online marketers out there who know too well, quality content on your page shall be the first be all you need to focus, in order to get higher ranking in SERPs, what makes you think smart yet wordy article is enough to win your audience’s heart? No one really has the time to ponder on every little thing you typed in no matter how important a particular point is to you. Therefore, why not find alternatives to this issue by adding videos to your content? Let the videos do the talking, mate!

                      Having said that, this short article will explain briefly (since everyone is rushing) why you need to put videos on your page. First and foremost, it is because videos tend to convey information quicker and easier. Just like what I mentioned before, everyone is rushing, thus everyone is dying. So let’s not waste even a second of their lives reading something lengthy when you can just summarise the 5 minutes read to 2 minutes video packed with valuable information. Another thing is because videos are able to send messages in a unique way. I think everyone is facing the same problems when it comes to written text. The tone. Many misunderstandings happened to different ways people read information. Thus, by using video to replace your wordy explanation, you can use the right tone and expressions as well as showing the right body language in sending the messages you wish to convey to your audience.

                      Besides that, videos can also activate emotions. I mean if a picture could speak a thousand words, imagine what a moving picture could say? You should be having effortless number of commentaries on your page due to the video you posted for your audience to view. Be creative in selecting or creating your videos. Make sure it suits the content well and if possible, add some humour to it. Life’s too short to be serious all the time. In addition, videos will also increase the engagement between you and your viewers. You can even analyse the effectiveness of your video via analytics software so that you may improve your video content to get a higher views in the near future. Furthermore, the videos you posted, let’s say if it is packed with quality messages, this will also increase the chance for your site to be promoted by your audience. This will help you to get free, organic outreach to other links.

                      All in all, it can be seen how videos should be the new go to tools to be added to your quality content in order for you to rank higher in the SERPs, be it in SEO Malaysia or even abroad. Plus, the increase in the number of vloggers in our country is also a sign for us, online marketers, to walk on a new path in marketing our business parallel to the new pace. 

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