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Famous Malay Traditional Medicinal Cultures

Malaysia is a beautiful country that is rich its multicultural history and people. There are many herbal shops located there from chinese herbal shops, malay herbal shops and indian herbal shops. If you want to find the best 吉隆坡中药店, you can go visit those shops or even at villages, as well as on the web. The Malay culture has many fascinating things from values to celebrations, the language and the food and values they instill. They have long living traditions and beliefs and this does include on medicine and medical practices. This includes things like after birth protocols and practices and many other things like cupping that stems from the chinese tradition. 

Traditional Malay medicine usually is a more holistic, multifaceted and ecological succession to many types of illnesses and ailments. Traditional Malay healing also has concepts of magic, spiritualism that consists of the supernatural, and the empirical, such as dietetics and herbalism, which can be scientifically researched on and proven. Natural ingredients and remedies are widely used in traditional malay medical and medicinal practices to treat small to medium risks illnesses like coughing and head pains. 

When Malaysia was colonized by the british, there have been studies that looked into the traditional healing, but it was often biased and faced criticism on it being one sided and racist. As a malay, there are a few differences between modern western medicine, and to asian or malay traditional medicine or practices, one of them is massages. Asian massages usually have this concept of gas in the body and the veins not being in the proper place, while western massages are entirely different. They are more towards a relaxing activity that requires essential oils and smells, but for the asian massage they usually hurt as they really try to fix into the nooks and crannies. 

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