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3 Types of Wholesalers

Most of us only knew the dealer wholesalers, general wholesalers, fame wholesaler and online wholesaler, but there are more than that we did not know in the wholesale industry. It is because the others are not used widely in the …

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Different Purposes Social Media Serves

If you might have noticed, almost every person on this earth own a social media account. It could be from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and etc. There are so many social media platform existing today

Many love social media because …

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Why People Cheat their Partners

According to statistics, almost 60% of marriages in the US end up in divorce! Why do you think so? What could be the reason why a couple who promised to love each other and to live together for the …

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Five things you should never do in branding

Branding in Malaysia is not too tough but for that circumstance the new brand owners also need to know five things which should never do while branding.

Poor Staff Training

One of the major problem brand agencies Malaysia are facing …

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Multi Language SEO

Do you know there are 6500 spoken languages available in the entire world? There are 2000 language have less than thousands of speakers. According to research, the most well-known language is Chinese. Many of the country knows how to speak …

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